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Show your feet some LOVE with our soothing, invigorating pedicures!

Gentlemen's pedicures are included at the bottom of the list.

All pedicures include your choice of buff or polish finish. Unique features of each pedicure are described below.

Basic—Salt scrub, warm towel and hot rock massage, lotion massage, trim, shape, and polish.

Herbal—Aromatherapy herbs rejuvenate, refresh, and renew your senses as well as pamper your feet. Includes hot rock massage and paraffin treatment. Includes a complimentary glass of wine.

Choose one of our signature pedicures from Natural Nails in LongviewRosemary Mint—Organic rosemary and mint exfoliate, cool, and soothe tired, aching feet. Includes callus treatment, hot rock/hot towel massage, and paraffin treatment.

Cute Cucumber—Cucumber sugar scrub exfoliates and hydrates dry, rough skin. Antioxidant cucumber extract cools and moisturizes for extra smoothing. Includes hot rock massage, hot towel, and paraffin treatment.

Lemongrass Green Tea—Lemongrass Green Tea scrub, foot mask, and butter massage exfoliate and soften. Includes callus treatment, hot towel wrap, and warm paraffin wrap.

Romance—Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine while beautiful rose petals softly scent your skin. Includes gentle exfoliation, soothing massage, hydrating mask, paraffin treatment, hot stone massage, and hot towel wrap.

Perfect Pomegranate—This powerful antioxidant will exfoliate and soothe away roughness. Includes a pomegranate butter massage, warm paraffin treatment, and hot rock massage.

Milk and Honey—Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine during this richly-moisturizing pedicure. Includes callus treatment, trimming, shaping, milk and honey scrub and foot mask, lotion massage, hot towel wrap, hot stone massage, and paraffin treatment.

Raspberry—Immerse your feet in a raspberry-chocolate soak, followed by a raspberry scrub and a raspberry butter cream massage. Also includes callus treatment, hot towel wrap, paraffin treatment, and hot stone massage.

Chocolate—Indulge in the rich sensation of soaking your feet in a hot chocolate bath, followed by an exfoliating chocolate scrub and mask. Includes a dollop of rich chocolate bliss cream, hot stone massage, paraffin wax treatment, and beautiful care for your feet.

Minty—Enjoy the refreshing, tingling feeling of peppermint scrub and essential oils soothing the skin and muscles of your feet! The deep cooling masque will leave your feet feeling fresh and cool for hours! Includes callus treatment, hot rock massage, hot towel wrap, and paraffin treatment.

Citrus Island—A lemon, orange, and tangerine sugar scrub delights your senses and gently exfoliates for softer, smoother skin. Includes a moisture mask and paraffin dip, hot rock massage and hot towel wrap.

Jell-ous Jelly—Soft, translucent jelly melts away stress and anxiety while removing toxins and stimulating blood flow. Includes hot stone therapy and gentle sugar scrub to soften rough, dry, and callused areas plus a hot towel wrap, butter massage, and paraffin treatment.

On-Sen—Relax with a citrus and honey soak followed by a gentle exfoliating honey scrub massage. Includes a blended butter massage, hot rock massage, hot towel wrap, and paraffin treatment.

Aroma Spa—Aromatic oils calm the senses while moisturizing and purifying the skin. Includes cleansing leaves, callus treatment, foot mask, sugar scrub, hot towel wrap, hot rock massage, and paraffin treatment, leaving skin moisturized and protected from UV radiation.

Chamomile Spa—Chamomile is healing, calming, soothing, and antibacterial.  This is the perfect pedicure to relax and re-invigorate if you are feeling anxiety or stress.

Pearl Spa—Pearl powder is the ocean's exotic beauty secret, containing 18 different amino acids for youthful, healthy-looking skin! Choose this pedicure if your feet feel tired and you need to feel more youthful!

Sunkist—Naturally exfoliating oranges soften and disinfect the skin. Includes callus treatment, trimming and shaping, orange foot mask, lotion massage, hot towel wrap, paraffin treatment, and polish.

Pedicures for Men Too!

Your feet work just as hard, and they deserve to feel just as good! Come in to Natural Nails for a soothing, energizing gentleman's pedicure.

Pedicures for menThe Virile Pedicure—Rest your tired feet in the exotic, essential hot bath. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and send your worries down the drain. Includes cuticle cleaning, toenail trimming, exfoliating (legs and feet), and light massage. (30 minutes)

The Rocky Pedicure—Enhance your pedicure to melt away tension with an herb-peppermint bath, lower leg scrub, warm paraffin dip, and nutritional masque wrap followed by a soothing hot rock massage. (40 minutes)

The Manly Pedicure—Designed for heavily callused, rough, dry, or cracked feet, this pedicure includes an organic lemongrass hot foot soak for softening, knee to toe exfoliation, and extended callus treatment. The nutritional masque is wrapped in a hot towel for maximum absorption. (50 minutes)

Bu appointment only. Call 903-663-0462 to schedule an appointment. 

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